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The Role of Finance in Healthcare ESG

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Houston | December 6-7, 2022

Orrick Houston
609 Main Street, 40th Floor
Houston, TX 77002-3106

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Meeting 1:00 – 5:00 pm
Cocktail Reception from 5:00 – 6:00 pm

State of the Industry: ESG and Emissions
Neal Hogan, Founder & Chairman – Healthcare Climate ActionWorks

The E part of ESG is a big lift, but it is also a major contributor to SG. In this session we walk through those connections and offer a roadmap for NetZero emissions. We then examine how that work contributes to social goals, and how the board can improve its governance and track the work and its impact on the business.

Survey and Discussion
Neal Hogan, Founder & Chairman – Healthcare Climate ActionWorks

Healthcare Climate Actionworks has developed a survey tool to identify where an organization is in its efforts to achieve NetZero emission. In this session we will engage in the survey live, and show where the group lands in the 4 stages. That will launch our discussion into efforts already in place, and where organizations should work next.

Navigating ESG in the Public Finance Sector
John Andersen, Vice President – Kaufman Hall
Robyn Helmlinger, Partner (Public Finance/Healthcare) – Orrick
Jenna Magan, Partner (Public Finance/Healthcare)- Orrick

This session explores how healthcare systems can align with market expectations established by the SEC, rating agencies, and institutional investors as they turn their attention to ESG factors. Our panel of experts will address the challenges and opportunities facing healthcare systems as they prepare to navigate the next frontier in sustainable finance. This will be an interactive discussion on the evolving regulatory landscape and disclosure demands for climate risk and greenhouse gas emissions reporting. They will explore how organizations with effective and measured ESG efforts can reduce their long-term borrowing costs.

Fireside Chat
Neal Hogan, Founder & Chairman – Healthcare Climate ActionWorks
Giji John, Partner (Energy & Infrastructure/ESG) – Orrick

Organizations working on ESG have a large effort in front of them: emissions reductions. Central to those efforts are reducing emissions from electricity usage. The most cost-effective means to that end is the Power Purchase Agreement (“PPA”). Neal and Giji walk through the legal, financial, and operational issues of the PPA.

Continental breakfast provided
Meeting 8:00 am – 12:30 pm

Panel Discussion: Experience in PPAs and Emissions Reduction with NextEra
Robyn Helmlinger, Partner (Public Finance/Healthcare) – Orrick
Ramé Hemstreet, VP Operations and Chief Sustainable Resources Officer – Kaiser Permanente
Craig Stepien, Executive Director – NextEra
Moderator: Neal Hogan, Founder & Chairman – Healthcare Climate ActionWorks

Kaiser Permanente is the healthcare industry leader in emissions reduction. Here we learn how they decreased the energy intensity of their buildings, and generated electricity via PPAs. We hear about their latest work in reducing the emissions of their supply chain. NextEra is the largest, and greenest utility in the US. Over 50% of their business is in the development of power for industries looking to shift to renewable power, and a critical part of that is the PPA and the VPPA.

Table Top Discussion with Floating Experts

Each table will work through a series of questions about how they can help their organization move forward with ESG issues. Our experts will assist with these discussions and findings.

Innovations in ESG to Transform Healthcare Delivery
Neal Hogan, Founder & Chairman – Healthcare Climate ActionWorks

Today the industry is focused on the transition to value-based care and the health of populations. Nothing could be more aligned with ESG efforts. Here we look at how these efforts are transforming healthcare in specific communities.