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Why Finance Leaders May End Up Driving Climate Strategy at Health Systems

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Climate change is not just a mission issue for health systems – it is also a business issue.  Investors across the spectrum are increasingly demanding visibility into the climate risk of their investments, seeking proof that bond issuers understand their climate risks, transformation risks and costs, current evaluations of emissions, and plans for reducing emissions.  As the SEC, rating agencies, and investors turn their attention to ESG factors, shifting market expectations are creating new challenges and opportunities for healthcare systems.

Healthcare Climate ActionWorks has partnered with Orrick, one of the 40 largest law firms in the US, and BLX Group, experts in continuing disclosure, private use monitoring, bond proceeds investment, debt issuance, and interest rate swaps, to sponsor a complimentary webinar on July 28th on how healthcare finance teams need to prepare for the climate conscious bond investor.

The 50 minute webinar, “The Health System’s New Imperative: Market Demands for Climate Risk and Emissions Management,” will take place on July 28, 2022 at 10 am PT / 1 pm ET. Learn more and register here: (CPE and CLE credits will be available.)

This will be an interactive discussion focused on the evolving bond market landscape as it relates to climate risks, and the impact on hospitals and health system leadership.

Featuring legal, public finance, and climate strategy experts, the webinar will cover:

  • The regulatory environment and market demands for climate risk and greenhouse gas emissions reporting
  • Climate strategies and financial opportunities for health systems
  • Fundamentals of emissions reduction planning specific to hospital-based health systems
  • A unique tool for rapidly eliminating electrical source emissions


I hope that you will register and join us on the 28th.


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Healthcare Climate ActionWorks quickly reduces health system emissions by 10%

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